Sunday Morning Thoughts


Here in a civilization that gives so much lip service to the presumption of innocence, it is surprising how often the word “criminal” is applied to supposed members of a vague class of people that have not been convicted of, or even committed, the crimes with which they are identified. (Why should more citizens carry guns? To deter “criminals” from invading their person or property, of course. Except the people that are deterred, by definition, have not committed those crimes. Something else is lurking in the recommendation to arm.)


It ought to be significant that our Declaration of Independence names a right to pursue happiness, and not a right to retreat from fear.


Most people are just trying to get through life to a place of belonging. Nobody should be surprised that people outside of—or excluded from—our systems of mutual benefit feel compelled to scratch their way through by means that those of us within those systems happen to find—or cannot help but find—offensive.

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