Two Kentuckians, One Story

“Once they let you get away with running around for ten years like a king hoodlum, you tend to forget now and then that about half the people you meet live from one day to the next in a state of such fear and uncertainty that about half the time they honestly doubt their own sanity. [¶] These are not the kind of people who really need to get hung up in depressing political trips. They are not ready for it. Their boats are rocking so badly that all they want to do is get level long enough to think straight and avoid the next nightmare.” [1]

“In the present age of the world, disintegration and division, isolation and suffering seem to have overwhelmed us. The balance between experience and education has been overthrown; we are lost in experience, and so-called education is leading us nowhere. We have diseases aplenty. As if that were not enough, we are suffering an almost universal hypochondria. Half the energy of the medical industry, one suspects, may now be devoted to ‘examinations’ or ‘tests’—to see if, though apparently well, we may not be latently or insidiously diseased.” [2]

[1] Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 (Simon & Schuster 2012) pp. 48–49.

[2] Wendell Berry, “Health is Membership,” in Another Turn of the Crank (Counterpoint 1995) pp. 87–88.

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